Sail Away News

By Laura Denson

New Journey from Spain

Come sail and explore the world to find the treasures of the universe! A new exploration has been funded by the Spanish king to find a path to Asia. We need young and energetic men to make this journey. These men will see sights like no other and experience things that no man could ever dream of! Not only will these men experience new things, but they will also be compensated well. They will receive 4 pesos a week. The men will be immersed in many different cultural experiences.

Captain of the Ship

Ferdinand Magellan is the captain of the ship. He was born in Portugal in 1480. As a child he studied mapmaking and navigation. He studied at Queen Leonora's School of Pages in Lisbon. In 1505 he joined a Portuguese fleet that was sailing to East Africa and stayed there for several years and took part in multiple battles. In 1509 he explored Malacca and participated in the conquest of Malacca's port. In 1517 Ferdinand moved to Spain and offered his skills to the Spanish court. Ferdinand believes that with his job in the Spanish court he can find a shorter route to the Spice Islands by sailing west, across the Atlantic Ocean, around South America and across the Pacific. Ferdinand presented his idea to King Charles I of Spain, who gave his blessing for Ferdinand's expedition.
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Our Route

We will be leaving from Spain on September 8,1519. When we embark we will set out with five ships. We will sail south around the tip of South America and then journey to east India and to the Philippines. Along the way we will see many new and exotic places along South America. Our expedition will take us approximately three years, and we will arrive back in Spain in September 1522. Along the way we will see the Canary Islands, the Santa Lucia Bay, Río de Solis, a multitude of islands, East India, the Philippines and the Cape of Good Hope.
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