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Proteins are one of the six essential nutrients a body needs to function properly and be as healthy as it can be.

I thInk that proteins are the most important nutrients because they are an energy producing nutrient that help with a humans growth and development.

There are incomplete proteins and complete proteins.

Incomplete proteins are proteins that contain MOST of the amino acids. There are 20 and 9 essentials. These ussually contain about 8 of them. These are most found in plants and grains.

Complete Proteins are proteins that contains ALL of the amino acids. These are mostly found in meat.

Vegitarians dont get all the amino acids they need because the only eat platns. Considering they dont ge them all, they get really weak and tired feeling. However, soybeans are the ONLY plant that contains ALL of the amino acids.

Personally... I chooose MEAT!!! :)

SOOOOO i got my acids!!

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