Universal Design for Learning (UDL)

Tips for reaching all your different learners

Principal One: Provide Multiple Means of Representation

Options for:
  • Perception (audio, visual, touch that is adjustable)
  • Language and symbols (clarify vocabulary, syntax, and mathematical symbols through multiple media)
  • Comprehension/Scaffolding (Use learner's background knowledge, highlight connections and main ideas)

Principal Two: Provide Multiple Means of Action and Expression

Options for:

  • Actions (Use assistive technology to allow equal opportunity for navigation and movement)
  • Expressions and Communications (Use multiple media and tools to help students express themselves)
  • Scaffold Executive Functions (Guide goal-setting, planning, managing information, and progress)

Principal 3: Provide Multiple Means of Engagement

Options for:

  • Attaining Student Interest (individual choice, consider relevancy, minimize distractions)
  • Sustained effort (restate goals, emphasize process and improvement, foster collaboration, provide regular feedback)
  • Encourage self-regulation (Provide rubrics and checklists, help students manage frustration, allow students to offer feedback)