A crazy trip...

I, Corra and other friends on the dolomites

The story...

We were in an apartment. We had fun every day, we went by bike, we walked, we went to parties…

In the morning of the fifth day, corra and I started for a beautiful walk. At 12.00 a.m. we stopped to drink end eat.

The weather was bad so we pitched the tent but the weather was getting worse and we abandoned it to find refuge in a cave.

We stayed there until midnight, when we heard a noise.

We discovered that it was the lair of a bear. The bear shook his head, he was not well. When we approached we saw that he was trying to remove a plate from the ear. When we were able to take it away from the ear, he calmed down.

He was not bad. To thank us he took us to a shelter, where lived a lady that hosted us. In the morning Corra and I with the lady and the bear had breakfast and a game of cards. We thanked then we went home. When we arrived and we told the story, no one believed it.

When we woke up after sleeping we discovered it was the morning of the fifth day and the night before we were sleeping after the party and after drinking in the snow until midnight, a monkey took us to the apartment.