The Jeep Wrangler

The Ideal Vehicle


In the year 1940, with World War 2 on the horizon for the United States, the U.S. military set an order to large automotive companies for drawn designs for the ultimate wartime vehicle. The companies who's designs stood the best chance were Ford, Willys, and Banton. Willys was chosen as the manufactoring company for this all-turrain vehicle the simply called the Jeep. Many models of the car had been made for different kinds of turrain, but the military wanted something that could handel it all. So, in 1941, Willys had created "Willys MB" which could drive through rivers with ease, over sand and mud like it was solid ground, and was able to carry a multitude of equipement as well as three passengers and one driver. this model Jeep was used in both Germany and Japan.


The "Willys MB" was used until 1945. After the war ended, the military continued to use the Jeep but Willys continued to make newer renditions of the MB to better suit the conditions of war. The Jeep was the star vehicle of every military branch until 1984, when Hummer created the bigger, stronger Humvee. also after the war, willys sold the design to civilians for their own recreational uses, and still made diferent models and veriations. They made vans, trucks, town cars, station waggons.

The Jeep's Replacement

The Hummer was sold as a stronger, faster, more protected vehicle that costs slightly more than the Jeep. The first use in combat was in 1984. Jeep was then dropped by the military and the Humvee was adopted.