Interactive Training Session for Parents and Children

What is it about?

We would like to invite you to a session to find out how to keep safe when using the internet and what to do when there is a problem. Many children now have access to the internet at home and it is so important that we work together to keep them safe. This is not a session designed to scare you - but to enable you to work with your child to establish rules and guidelines to keep them safe.

Monday 10th February 6.00pm - 7.15pm

This session is for parents and children to come to - together. It will be very interactive and vital if your child has access to the internet at home - via a tablet, computer, laptop, gaming machine or phone. This session will be suitable for all children between the age of 7 - 11 years. There is a cost of £5 per family to attend.

Led by CEOP Ambassador, Rosie Carter from SAFE, the session will be very interactive .

If possible, please bring in your own mobile phones, iPads or laptops so we can all have fun!