Electronic Engineering

by Mike Elyian

What is Electronic Engineering?

Electronic Engineering is a field of engineering that uses different types of tubes, wires, circuits, etc. to create different electrical devices. Some devices include mobile phones, computers, tablets, radios, internet, lights, and many more. The reason I'm interested in this field of engineering is because since I've been young I have been interested in electronics and fixing things and configuring settings and playing around with devices.

Day in the life of Electric Engineers.

After they get their cup of coffee and head to the workplace, what is it that electronic engineers do? Well while at work they do multiple things such as (but are not limited to) making maintenance/updates for devices; test devices for electronic failures; design electronic circuits, equipment, and systems; and research design, operation, and feasibility for electronic products.


At an early wage and starting your career, salaries won't be the best but they'll do. From 20-24 years old, people generally get around $20 an hour. From 25-54 people get around $34 an hour. Over that age the average wage per hour is just slightly higher, but wages will always vary. The average yearly wages of this job are about $84,000.
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How to get here?

Education to become an Electronic Engineer requires a university degree in electrical/electronics engineering or in one similar. A master's or doctorate's degree is also preferable in a related field of engineering. Also some outside experience may help.