Call of the Wild

By Jack London

Character Analysis

The main character and the only truly developed character throughout the hole book is Buck. Buck is a dog that is emphasized with human characteristics as the story is told through his eyes. During the story buck has a cyclic development. in the beginning buck is living in royalty, but then soon realizes the reality of the world he lives in. His way of living is quickly taken away from him and he is pushed into being a sled dog. he pulled sleds through the wilderness of Canada. this experience makes him stronger and smarter. On top of all this struggle Buck has a terrible owner who beats him with a club. These tough times make Buck preserver and he fights back to win himself a new kingdom. A new kingdom in the wild that now suits his new being.

Literary Elements


The setting was a key part of this book. the location of the story was one of the challenges buck had to face. This story took place in California and up through Canada towards Alaska. This type of setting added a whole new element to the story. For Example Buck had to suffer through the hardship of the cold weather, and starvation. Eventually the character evolved to these conditions, and in the end decides to stay in the cold wilderness instead of being with an owner next to a nice warm fire.


There are many themes that could be used to describe call of the wild, but i think the best theme would be perseverance. Throughout the whole book Buck struggles, but no matter what happened he kept fighting. When the book concluded Buck ended up back on top after all the hardships he fought through. Buck showed his strength and defeated anything that came his way.


I would highly recommend this book because of its unique perspective on storytelling. Throughout the book you saw everything through Bucks eyes, and this made you feel more connected to the main character. Everything buck did you always cheered for him and wanted him to come out on top
Call Of The Wild (clip)