Robert E. Lee Memorial

Located on Monument and Allen avenues in Richmond, Virginia


The Robert E. Lee Memorial is a statue of Lee riding his horse, Traveller. Robert and the horse stand 20 feet tall and are made of bronze. The base is 40 feet tall and made of stone. Lee is dressed in a military uniform, symbolizing the fact that he played a major role in the Mexican-American and Civil Wars. Traveller is bowing his head, showing the respect and great reputation Lee had. There are lions on the base, showing that Lee went after his enemies with full force. There are eleven stars on one side of the base, symbolizing the eleven confederate states.

Who is the Artist?

The artist of this statue is Jean Antoine Mercie.

When was the Memorial Dedicated?

This statue was dedicated to Robert E. Lee on May 29, 1890.

What Does This Statue Say About History?

This statue shows how respected of a general and how looked up to Robert E. Lee was. The symbols on this memorial show that Lee was loyal to his country and state. From this memorial, we can tell that Lee was a well-known, well-respected member of the confederate army that was high in command. Finally, we can tell that Robert E. Lee is a historical figure that played a role worth remembering.