Beech Class

Week of September 12

We did so much in the second week of school! We kicked off our reading and writing workshops and explored math tools. We also took a few walks to Ft. Greene park! We learned a new song and opened the block area at work time.
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  • What we do during reading and writing workshops. We practiced choosing seats, whispering, and did lots of reading and writing.
  • Math tools. We used number lines, Unifix cubes, and hundred charts.
  • Fort Greene Park! We are working to get to and from the park faster. Children played, explored, made a chestnut store, made 'cars', made rock baby homes, and more.
  • Duck Baby, Frog Baby, Bear Baby and Insect Baby. Alison and Madeleine acted out tricky situations with our class baby dolls, and children offered thoughtful solutions.
  • Our special guest, Sivanne! She shared a story called, "I Will Never, Not Ever, Eat a Tomato!"
  • Amos and Boris. We read the book, Amos and Boris, about two friends who are kind and help each other. We asked kids to think of what some of the book's messages might be. They talked about kindness, caring for each other, friendship, helping and never forgetting each other. All of these are our hopes and dreams for the Beech Class this year.

Fort Greene Park

Children had snack in Fort Greene Park a few times this week. After snack, children played and explored. Some children played imaginative self-organized games. Others busied themselves collecting horse chestnuts, developing theories and sharing observations about them. Some children dug, looking for treasure and examining rocks they found.

Reading and Writing Workshops

We taught parallel lessons in Reading and Writing Workshops to help establish routines for these times. Children practiced choosing good seats where they could be comfortable and focus. They practiced speaking in whispers to help maintain an environment where all children could think and work. Children also worked to select their own reading books and writing topics.

Next week, we plan to get our book baggies ready and visit the newly organized and beautiful Compass library!


We spent time exploring math tools and thinking about how we might use them. Children used Unifix cubes to measure, make patterns, and make towers. They wrote numbers on our dry-erase number lines and noticed patterns on hundred charts. We will continue to use these tools throughout the school year to share and explain mathematical thinking.

Work Time

We began using blocks at Work Time and are rotating all children through this center. Children also got to select centers to work in. Choices included Legos, Magna-tiles, Ramps, Art, Cooking and Nursery. Alison, our student teacher, ran a special friendship bracelet center!

Work Time is a time when children can work with a wide variety of materials. Kids develop their large and small motor skills along with their social skills. They explore sophisticated ideas around balance, proportion, motion, construction and more! As we move into other integrated units, Work Time will allow children to explore these topics with materials they've practiced using.

We've been learning this song!

You Can't Always Get What You Want

We are building the understanding that fair is not always equal. Kids can't always get what they want, but we do our best to make sure everyone gets what they need to learn! We discussed strategies for handling the disappointment of not getting what you want and saw kids try out some strategies.
You Can't Always Get What You Want
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