World Language Teachers' Workshop

An engaging, hands-on, and free workshop!

  1. Are you looking for a research-based approach to a comprehensible classroom?

  2. Do you want students to spontaneously create language to authentically communicate?

  3. Do you want to learn how students can use authentic resources and be engaged with native speakers?

  4. Are you interested in moving from a textbook-based classroom to an acquisition-based classroom?

  5. Do you want your students to use the language in a meaningful way with authentic, acquisition-based strategies?

  6. Are you wishing to network with other World Language teachers?

If the answer is yes to any of the above, then this workshop is for you!

Friday, Nov. 3rd, 9am-3pm

Prairie Lakes Area Education Agency 500 NE 6th Street, Pocahontas, IA

This workshop will be facilitated by Julie Graber, PLAEA Instructional Technology Consultant, and top World Language teachers in the state including IWLA’s 2017 Educator of the Year.

Day at a Glance

  • Educators will experience the strategies that best fit an acquisition-based learning environment.
  • Educators will understand the research behind Comprehensible Input and Teaching Proficiency through Reading and Storytelling.
  • Educators will explore various ways technology can be leveraged to support learning, collaboration, communication, creativity, and authenticity.
  • Educators will experience strategies e.g. circling, one word images, embedded reading, etc. that best fit an acquisition-based learning environment and determine how to use them with students.
  • Educators will see and hear about classroom management strategies that support student-centered learning.
  • Educators will network with other colleagues about effective teaching and learning practices.

  • Educators will have an opportunity to ask questions from a panel of expert educators, including IWLA’s 2017 Educator of the Year.

Great news! A credit option is available!

Register Today!

Please register no later than October 27!

What to Bring?

Be prepared to bring such things as the following to use as a context when reflecting on new learning:

  • Cultural topic

  • Vocabulary list

  • Grammatical structures

  • Reading, writing, listening, speaking activities

  • Laptop, tablet, or other electronic device

  • Writing utensil

  • Cash/check for catered lunch

For questions, please contact me.