Civil War Book Club Project

By: Aidan Kane

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My book Killer Angels and the Battle of Gettysburg website have many similarities. To begin, both mention the battle's casualties. Also both give dates and events that happened on the days of the Battle of Gettysburg. Additionally, they both tell location and mention how the battle went on the final day. Overall both my book and the website have many similarities.
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Killer Angels

  • Written from a General or Lieutenants point of view
  • Shows how the men feel about having to fight and about Generals
  • It shows the emotions of the soldiers and Generals
  • It goes into more detail about what Generals were in battle and the specific location of the battle on each day

Battle of Gettysburg Website

  • The website is short and to the point
  • There is not much detail of the battle
  • It is an overview of the battle
  • The website is not from a General or Lieutenants point of view
  • It doesn't show the emotions of the Generals and men
  • The website is all facts

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