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Baylor is always helping our community. Some examples of their researches that benefit us is their identifying cancer, finding retinoblastoma in infants, and identifying the identity of immigrants. Their researches help us find peace but the researches led to hope or faith in our community but in their page they said that Baylor always leads to greatness.

Baylor Majors

Baylor has majors for almost everything. Some examples of some majors are,economics, algebra, aerobic, physical education, Business, managements, and more.I found all this information on the site it gives a lot of information and majors. The webpage I gave you is only for business majors but you can just type its and majors. Over 90% of students receive any form of financial aid.


Welcome to the Baylor Virtual Tours!

Simple information

Cultures,And traditions

Baylor is a Baptist university but it lets every religion in. There's Baptist, Catholic, Islamic ,Christian,and more.This shows that Baylor has a good balance between cultures and education. Not all good universities have or let other different traditions from them study in their schools. A tradition they do is called the duck race, we saw it on the tour back in 5th grade, its supposed to keep the students entertain for awhile.

Rates and Rankings

Baylor's ranking is #72 and it's acceptance rate is I think 55% a little over 50 which means we still got to work for it. Its enrolment rate is 16,263. The tuition is around 53,838$ including tuition, fees, board, and average room.
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In Baylor the have a lot of buildings. For example, there's the Burleson hall, Baylor science building, carol science hall, Draper academic building, Allen residence hall, Alexander residence hall, Arbors apartment.If you are hungry you should get to the Baylor club, East village bakery, East village dining commons, Aun bon pain, and Freshii.After that you might need to exercise so you might want to head to the Clyde Hart track and field stadium, Bear trail, or Betty lou Mays soccer Field.

History and more.


Baylor was build in 1845,the name came from the judge R.E.B Baylor but it have many names first. Its a Baptist church and one of the oldest institution in learning also its one of the largest Baptist schools. While Baylor was built in 1845 it was discussed to build it in 1841with 35 delegates of the union Baptist association. The association accepted the idea of Williams Milton Tryon and R.E.B Baylor to build a Baptist school. The classes began in May 1846. In 1886, Baylor and Waco university combined to make Baylor university in Waco.