News Show Production

Grade 3

Description of Task

In this task, students will explore the content, format, and production aspects of a news show. Students will learn about different types of informational writing and practice thinking critically when analyzing news stories. Students will compare objective news stories with persuasive, opinion/editorial writing and will analyze how design elements such as graphics and sound add to or detract from a message. Student learning will culminate in the production of a short news show where students take on the roles necessary to produce the show (e.g., anchor, producer, reporter, camera-person).


Students will meet these goals in their explorations:

  • Become familiar with various genres of informational writing

  • Gain awareness of the five “Ws” in news writing

  • Understand the differences between news content and editorial/opinion pieces

  • Brainstorm, conduct interviews, and ask questions to clarify ideas and gather information

  • Have opportunities to pursue interests and ideas for written articles

  • Develop the essential skills of communicating, creative problem solving, and logical thinking