New Teacher Academy

Montgomery Independent School District

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Welcome/Future of MISD (Wendy Graves)

MISD's Instructional Coaches

Amy Storer

KES Math Coach

Science and Technology Coach (all elementary campuses)

Jennifer Krikorian

MES/SCE Math and Dual Language Coach

N Drive (Dannette Key)

MAC-Montgomery Aligned Curriculum (Dannette Key)

Teaching Spectrum (Dannette Key)




Professional Development


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Balanced Literacy (Leah Taska and Dannette Key)

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Balanced Math (Stephanie Lowry and Amy Storer)

Model Drawing (Stephanie Lowry)

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Q & A

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Rita Pierson: Every kid needs a champion

E-Tracks/SEM (Amy Storer)

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Math-Teaching Philosophy, Importance of Process Standards, Kim Sutton, Compass Math, Problem Solving Model (Amy Storer and Dannette Key)

Q & A

Lunch (10:45-12:00)

Conscious Discipline

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ELA (Leah Taska, Jennifer Dossey, and Dannette Key)

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Handwriting Routines

1. Go to the N Drive.

2. Click on the C & I folder, and then your grade level folder.

3. Locate the Handwriting Folder, and open.

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Q & A