Aerospace Engineering

By:Kevin Reyes

What Aerospace engineering is about

Aerospace engineering is about how stuff flies and aerodynamics,engines,control systems,software basically all the stuff that has to do with stuff flying and how they fly.When your in Aerospace engineering you change you career and some of the careers you can work in are technical engineering automotive engineering and so on.

What you need to take to get to Aerospace engineering

To get in aerospace engineering is you need to take a minimum of two years of university mathematics (any level) ,one year of university physics(any level) and one year of university level chemistry(any level).These classes are required to take so you can get in to Aerospace engineering.In Aerospace engineering there is a lot of science and math involved.Some suggested courses to take in college is mathematics level 4 and science level 4, and also level 4 chemistry.

Associated careers

Some associated careers with aerospace engineering are Mechanical engineering structural engineering automotive engineering and technical engineering.You can get in all these careers if you were in Aerospace engineering because they are related with Aerospace engineering.Aerospace engineering and all these other major are almost exactly the same.If you get in any of the other careers you will most likely be working with Aerospace engineering.


Aerospace engineering is were you learn about where stuff flies and how they fly and you also learn about their aerodynamics and you also learn about space and how the spaceships gets to space how the atmosphere is their.You also get involved with different majors when your in Aerospace engineering.Some helpful classes to take so u know you are prepared are Mathematics and Chemistry and Science level 4.

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