IB PYP Cluster Workshop

Encouraging Children's Creative Instincts in the Classroom

Recommended for: Classroom and specialist teachers.

More than three decades ago, psychoanalyst Dr Silvano Arieti (1976) identified that, regardless of the viewpoint or societal effects, creativity is a subject to be studied, cherished and cultivated. Now, more than ever, educationalists are agreeing with him. The questions “What competencies will be required for the future?” and “What should be taught in schools?” are becoming increasingly important as education shifts from the acquisition of knowledge to the promotion of a set of 21st century competencies. Creativity features prominently on the list. Although creativity itself is a vast and elusive concept, we can look at tangible ways to promote creativity in the classroom and equip children for the future.

• the nature of creativity

• models and approaches to creativity

• the role of creativity in education

• creativity in the curriculum (teaching creatively and promoting creativity in children)

• ways to promote creativity in ourselves and in our teaching practice

• building learning communities that promote creativity.

International School of Geneva

Friday, March 11th 2016 at 8:30am to Saturday, March 12th 2016 at 5:30pm

11 Route des Morillons

Le Grand-Saconnex, GE

Campus des Nations