The Whipping Boy Project

By:Giselle Garcia-Cruz

My Personal Reflection

I have one important possession that I keep in a special place. My important possession is my first stuffed animal given to me after I was born. After I was born,my aunt got me a little yellow duck stuffed animal. I have kept it in a safe/vault. It reminds me of home when my family was all together and when my aunt lived in Minnesota and not in Maryland.

My Magic Kingdom Rides/Games

Quiz!🤔Stage 1

The quiz is the first stage of this adventure. You have to answer questions about the story and you only have 15 seconds to answer the question. If you answer all 20 questions you run to Petunia Carts! Remember Hold Your Nose Billy and Cutwater are going to chase you!!

Petunia Carts!🐻 Stage 2

When you are here you hop on a cart and shoot black bears,but not Petunia!After the ride is done you rush to Cooking Maina! Hold Your Nose Billy and Cutwater are still chasing you!!

Cooking Maina!🍳 Stage 3

This is the last stage of the adventure. You have to get into a carriage and make color changing potatoes from white to golden.


You yes you have finished the whole adventure!!!CONGRATS!!