Autumn Sparks: UP Book Contest

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The Contest

Book contests are great ways to get emerging authors into the publishing world. This fall, Unsolicited Press will choose one book from poetry, nonfiction, and fiction as the winners of the "Autumn Sparks" contest.


October 1st, 2014

Authors must submit an unpublished manuscript to by October 1st to be considered.



The fee can be paid online on our website --under "The Buzz"

Book Guidelines

Each genre will have the opportunity to shine and win the contest, but if not enough come into each category, you will be refunded the fee. So encourage writers to submit for this to be a success.

Here are the rules for each genre:

Poetry: Poetry books can be chapbooks or full-length manuscripts not to exceed 150 pages.

Fiction: Short story collections, novels, novellas not exceeding 300 pages.

Nonfiction: Essay collections, memoirs, long form journalism...anything in the nonfiction genre is allowed up to 300 pages.


Winner Receives:

The winners of this contest will win a spectacular package:

  • Publication of the book during 2015.
  • 10 copies of the book
  • A year subscription to The Fictioneer (ebook)
  • A generous portion of the contest fees
  • An outstanding editorial team.

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