Humid Sub-tropical Climate.

-This climate has hot summers, and mild winters.-

Climate Location

These climates are located in the lower mid-latitude regions of the northern and southern hemispheres.

Found between twenty and forty degrees north or south, and often on the eastern side of continents.

Yearly Precipitation

South Caroline is a Humid Sub-Tropical Climate, with hot summers and mild winters.

The yearly precipitation is about 40 in. (1000 mm) across the state.

Seasons and Temperature Range

The warmest months generally average about (81 °F), with mean daily maxima from 86 °F to 100 °F and warm.

Summers are usually somewhat wetter than winters.

Factors Affecting Climate

The factors contribute to the climate are rain showers, latitude, water vapor, and bodies of water.

This climate is close to the equator which is why the climate is always warm, because it gets heat and sun all year around.