Survival Machine

Jake Kemp 3rd Period Best Invention Ever!!

The Flying Kemper 3000

The Flying Kemper 3000 is a car type model that has the ability to fly, drive, lot and move on water and more. It can withstand and temperature and be able to function no matter the senario. It is big enough where you and walk around and not be confined into one space and it had unlimited fuel.

What It Has For Must Survive

This car like object has the abilities to support human life by providing food from a green house within the car and being able to kill animals outside of the car and bring them into the car to be cooked for protein. The car had unlimited oxygen supply and it also helps get some from the plants that the green house plants create. In order to get water, the car has a cloud magnet designed by Drew Jones that is built into the metal of the car. The car also has air conditioning as well as a heater, which allows the body to stay warm and also cool off. The car has a tracker on it to know what levels it must stay in for the correct atmospheric pressure. If is gets out of range, it will turn into autopilot and move back into the correct levels.

Life Functions

The car can support all life functions! It is big enough to allow growth, big enough to reproduce and had kids, and has restrooms aboard to get rid of all unnecessary wastes.
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