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Main Character's

Hannah Baker-Is a simple girl at heart.She likes filling out surveys, and reading and writing poetry She's also smart, friendly. So what went wrong? How did her high school dreams turn into a nightmare? That's what these tapes are all about. It's through her recordings, and Clay Jensen's reactions to them, that we get to know Hannah.

Clay Jenson-Clay is the narrator of the novel. He was on the tapes but not in a bad way. He was in love with Hannah but never really got to know her. They worked together at a movie theater. When they were at a party they got to know each other, but after that night they never talked to each other again.

Tony- is one of Clays friends. He is the first one to know about Hannah's tapes he is actually the one who gave her the recorder. Tony is the one who is responsible to make sure everyone listens to and sends them to the next person. If they do not he will send the second pair of tapes to everyone.

Justin Foley(twice),Zach Dempsey,Alex Standall,Jessica Davis,Mr.Porter,Courtney Crimsen, Marcus

Coley,Ryan Shaver,Jenny Kurtz,Bryce Walker,Tyler Down,Clay Jenson-All the people that where there to impact her decision.


Clay is having a hard time understanding everything. Like why Hannah put him in the tapes. But once he listens to the reason why Hannah put him in he realizes that it wasn't because he did something bad to her it was because she wanted to explain her feelings to him

My opinion

When I was reading the book I thought it was great and very interesting.I didn't want to put the book down. I would recommend this book to other readers but to kids 13 and up because it is kind of graphic.
Thirteen Reasons Why 2013 (Trailer)