The Endangered Gray Bat

By: Tamyra Ryan

Common Name and Scientific Name of Species

The scientific name of the "Gray Bat" is Myotis grisescens and the common name is the Gray Bat.

Where is the Gray Bat found?

The gray bats are mainly found in Alabama, Northern Arkansas, Kentucky, Missouri, and Tennessee.

Why is it endangered?

The Gray Bat has been experiencing population decline for along time as a result of habitat loss. People are clearing the forests along streams and lakes where the gray bats live. Their behavior of congregating in only a few caves further makes them vulnerable to these factors.

How are the Bats Being Protected?

The gray bat was added to the U.S. List of Endangered and Threatened Wildlife and Plants on April 28, 1976. A recovery plan was then made. People are now still trying to have habitat protection for the gray bats.

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