Ancient Chinese Apparel

By: E Cochran

Ancient Chinese Fashion

Chinese clothing has a big factor in many peoples lives today. Some people still wear clothing from thousands of years ago. Fashion of china has grown a lot since it started centuries ago.


Along with shoes, the apparel of the ancient chinese was catagorized by wealth. The Emperior and his nobels wore long embroidered robes because they didn’t work and didn’t need to do anything active, they could wear that etire. In the summer the people of china with equal wealth wore several layers of long robes each decorated differently, with the top robe decorated the most beautifully. In the winter they wore simalar robes with cotton padding inbetween to keep warm. Only the emperior could wear all yellow robes. The schlars and their families wore less expensive clothes. They wore long robes with curled toed shoes. The farmers family wore clothe made from inexpenive fabric that were comfy to work in. Peasants wore long loose fitting tops and pants made from hemp and cotton. What one wore showed his or hers place in society. Today the fashion of the chinese culture is very similar yet different. They still use similar fabric and designs as they did in the ancient times. They also try to wear the name brand of fashion we have in America, Clothing can change while the years pass.