Andrew Jackson

Evil Zero

Why He was a Zero

Greedy Murderer

Andrew Jackson killed thousands of Native Americans in the Trail of Tears. He just wanted to get their land, rich in gold, but he picked the worst possible way. Instead of negotiating with them to get the resources, he used military force to resettle them in less desirable land. He saw them as "uncivilized," even through they created their own alphabet, started a newspaper, and made American-like clothing, just to be more like us. Their new land was far away, but Jackson didn't really think the transportation part through. Many people died on the way, from disease, extreme weather conditions, and starvation.

No Qualifications Required

Speaking of not thinking things through, Andrew Jackson offered government jobs to people who supported his campaign. It may seem like a good idea to create jobs, but many of these people had no qualifications for a government position.

Unjustified Slavery

Like many southerners back then including George Washington, Andrew Jackson was a slave owner, living in the Hermitage, a large mansion on an even larger plantation. However, unlike George Washington, he did not free his slaves when he died. Families were split up. It may not have occurred to him if he was the first president, which shows how much of a better person George Washington was. And yet, if a former president sets an example of being a good human, why would a later president blatantly disregard it?

Jackson vs Bank

In this cartoon, Andrew Jackson is slaying a monster, which has the heads of the people in charge of the national bank. He is killing the monster, so it is one vs many.

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By Andy Castille, 7th Period