Study Guide For Exam

Intro To Physical Science

Safety Notes

For Every Lab

  • Goggles must be kept OVER YOUR EYES until Mr. Leeds says to put them away

**even if you are already finished and cleaned up**

  • Report ALL accidents/spills to Mr. Leeds immediately
  • Try you best to use common sense

In Case of Emergency

Nurse: ext: 2828

Safety Equipment in Classroom

  • Fire Extinguisher
  • Fire Blanket
  • Eye wash/shower


  • Never taste chemicals (even if they look yummy!)
  • Always WAFT liquids to detect odor
  • Avoid touching chemicals
  • Always wash hooves with soap and water after lab
  • If chemicals touch skin: flush skin with water for 1 minute AND notify Mr. Leeds


  • How glass and cold glass look the same
  • Never use chipped or broken glass
-tell Mr. Leeds and dispose of broken glass in proper trash

  • Never use force to remove or insert glass

Alcohol Burners

  • Roll up sleeves, put UP long hair, Not just pull back (or you cannot do the lab)
  • Never walk away from a lit burner
  • Never Point the open end of a hot test tube at yourself or somepony else
  • Do not look down into a test tube/beaker while it is being heated
  • Make sure burner is capped and flame is out when done

End of Experiment

  • Make certain that burner is out if one was used
  • Keep goggles on (over eyes) until Mr. Leeds says to put them away

Baking Soda Lab

Experimental Errors

  • Hole in the tubing- bottle wont fill with gas
  • don't clean stirring rod at beginning- contamination
  • stopper not snug- gas leaks

Single Pan Balance Notes

  1. Check the pan is clean and dry
  2. Always "zero" balance before each massing
  3. --Push all riders to (left)
  4. --Use adjustment knob if needed
  5. Never switch pans
  6. Pick up balance by red bar only
  7. Don't zero balance when done

Reaction in a Bag

Red Liquid

Phenol Red

-used as a PH indicator

-Below 7 turns yellow

-above 8 turns pink

Ph Scale

-measures acidity

-goes from 0-14

- 0-6 acid


- 8-14- akaline

2 Solids

Calcium Chloride

-Acidic (mildly)

-hydro tropic : attracted to water

Uses: canned veggies (keeps them from getting mushy)

--Electrolyte in sports drinks

--flavors pickles

Sodium Bicarbonate

-Not Acidic


  • Baking
  • cat litter
  • toothpaste
  • laundry detergent

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Volume Lab

Experimental Errors

-sand sticks to the sides of the wet cylinder

-pour water into sand

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1.6 Mass Notes

Beqa; ancient standard mass used in Egypt

-Earliest balance found in Egypt (approximately 7,000 years old)

Mass: standard unit grams (g)

--1 Kilogram (kg)= 1,000g

---1 kg= 2.2 pounds (lbs)

1.8 Notes

Penny Notes

Before 1982: 95% copper 5% zinc

After 1982: 2.5% copper 97.5% zinc----Computer Technology