MMS Update

March 26, 2021

No School

Just a reminder, Mayville School's will not be in session on April 2nd or April 5-7th. Classes will resume on April 8th.

Forward Testing

Wisconsin Students in Grades 3-8 and 10 will be participating in the Wisconsin Forward Exam assessment over the next several weeks. Your child’s classroom teacher will be sharing more information regarding specific testing dates.

The Wisconsin Forward Exam assesses students in the areas of English Language Arts, Math, and for grades 4 and 8 Science and Social Studies. It is very important that your son or daughter be in school . Students not in school on the scheduled testing days will be scheduled for a makeup test prior to the close of the testing window.

The Forward Exam assessment measures the knowledge and skills a student should have acquired by the beginning of the test window at each grade level. A student’s performance on this assessment will not affect the student’s grades. Please encourage your son or daughter to take the test seriously and do the best they can.

You can help your child show what they know by assuring they get a good nights sleep before taking the Forward assessment, as well as having a healthy breakfast! As always, breakfast will be offered at school starting at 7:30!

Maui Wowi Smoothies

Marcus Fink with Maui Wowi Smoothies will be back at MMS on April 13th. Students will have the opportunity to pre-order smoothies, and have them delivered to their homeroom. Smoothies are $2 a piece, and a percentage of the sales is returned to MMS to use toward our PBIS program!

Numeracy & Literacy Night @ MMS

Previously schedule for May 6th, this celebration of Math and Reading will look different this year do to COVID. Based on our reopening guidelines, guests are not permitted into the school building. Instead, we are working to create an event where students can admire the work of their peers across the building. We are hoping to welcome a more typical Numeracy and Literacy night experience during the 21-22 school year!

MMS T-Shirt Order

We are sorry for the delay in MMS School Shirts. We typically work with a local business to create and then purchase our spirit wear orders. Unfortunately, some heath concerns have gotten in the way of our order being completed. We appreciate your understanding as we work through the issues with the company! Any questions can be directed to Mrs. Hanni- 387-7970 x3017

Weather Related Safety Week

During the week of April 12-16, MMS Students will be participating in a variety of safety drills. These drills may include a fire drill, an administrative hold drill, a lockdown drill and a tornado drill. The Statewide tornado drill has been scheduled for April 15th at 1:45pm.

We appreciate the opportunity to practice these drills so that students are prepared in the event that an actual emergency would occur!

Dress Code

While fashions change, the reason for being in school does not. With warmer weather approaching, we thought it was a good opportunity to review dress code expectations for our students.

Students should consider the following questions when dressing for school (The appropriate answer is in parenthesis.):

· Does my clothing expose too much? (No)

· Does my clothing advertise something that is prohibited to minors? (No)

· Are there obscene, profane, drug-related, gang-related, or inflammatory messages on my clothing? (No)

· Am I dressed appropriately for the weather? (Yes)

· Do I feel comfortable with my appearance? (Yes)

If a student has selected a manner of appearance that is beyond mere freedom of expression and disrupts the educational process or presents risk to themselves or others, they may be removed from the educational setting and asked to change.

The following styles or manners of dress are prohibited (but are not limited to):

Outer wear: hats or headgear, swimsuits, bathrobes, pajamas or other items designed for private use, togas, leotards or spandex type clothing unless they are properly covered by another outer garment. (may be allowed on specified Spirit Days.)


Must have…

1) Straps that are at least one (1) inch wide

2) All undergarments covered

3) Necklines that keep cleavage covered

4) Length of shirts that cover the midriff—NO exposed hips, midriffs, or waists.

5) No shirt can display words or symbols that reference alcohol, tobacco products, drugs, vulgar, obscene, violent or demeaning messages, or products that target an adult age-group market.


Must be…

1) Mid-thigh length or longer—Short shorts and mini-skirts are not appropriate. (when hands are held relaxed to the student’s side, hems should be at or past the tips of the student’s longest finger.)

2) Above the hips with no undergarments showing.

3) Free of holes or tears above mid-thigh.