Born Worker

by Gary Soto


Jose was said to be a born worker, it was also said that his hands were rough ever since he was three. Jose is actually a very hard worker, he helped Mr.Clemmen when Arnie ran away.


A big problem in the story "Born Worker" is Mr. Clemmen falling, if he wouldn't have fell we wouldn't have seen Jose's helpful and responsible side. Mr. Clemmen came outside to inspect the pool Jose was scrubbing, Mr. Clemmen's hearing aid fell out of his ear and into the pool. When he bent down to look for it, he fell into the pool and hit his head. Arnie ran away scared to help or call help, so Jose called 911 and told them what had happened. Shortly after the ambulance came and left while Arnie stayed talking to the police making up lies.

Jose was brave.

"You'll be ok" Jose repeated to Mr. Clemmen.