How to research.

Here are some tips to help you research.

Use - (minus signs) to take things out.

For example if your looking for "hockey tricks" and photos keep coming up. You could type in "hockey tricks" - "photos". So the minus sign would say to the website that you are not looking for photos of hockey tricks.

Use + to add things.

Using + can help you a lot. It can really narrow down what you are trying to find. For example if you are on the internet and you type in "dog", It will come up with pictures of dogs. But if you type in "dog + toy" it would come up with a dog and a toy.

You can also use " "

" " you can use those to phrase words and not individual words. For example " American soccer teams." That is phrased down into three words when its could of been like a whole sentence. This is kinda of a shortcut if you don't like taking the long way. Also it will save you time because you are not writing sentences your just writing like three words.

The research process.

  • Define the task
  • Use info seeking strategies
  • Use location and access
  • Use of information
  • Synthesis
  • Evaluate your situation