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October - Bernal Intermediate

Principal's Message

Hello students and families,

We are already finished with the first grading period and at the third month of school. We have accomplished a lot in such a short period of time and are excited about the start of the year. To recap the beginning of our year, we have instituted a new behavior reward, incentive, and tracking system called HERO. HERO is a digital system that we use to scan, track, tally, and record behaviors that are positive and negative. The system relies on students wearing their school assigned identification badges. The identification badges this year helps with our goal of keeping our school safe and secure, as well as helping us identify and recognize students in order to acknowledge when they do something positive and correct when seeing something negative.

We have also finished our first academic benchmark assessment system. Iready assessment test has been given to all of our students in their Language Arts and Math classes. Iready assesses where students are functioning in their reading and math. The results of these assessments help teachers understand their student’s strengths and areas of need. Speaking of strengths, our athletic and afterschool sports program is already underway. We have completed our cross country season and are now beginning our girls’ basketball season. Our lunchtime activity schedule has been full of tug-of-war, races, as well as flag football, to name a few activities. In addition, our leadership students have been working hard building school spirit by creating and displaying positive posters around school, playing positive music at lunch, as well as helping new students to Bernal get acclimated to school.

Our club day was again a huge success and this year we have 15 student clubs ranging from Black Student Union, Foodie Club, Girls Equity Club, Chess Club, Math Club, Filipino Club, Latino Student Club, and many more. Please see our school website for full details. Also, don’t forget our Home School Association continues to sell Bernal spirit clothing for all students and families. You can find a link to their online store on our school loop website. Also, check out our Home School Association Facebook page, and ‘like’ that page so you can get regular updates about new school and spirit wear on sale. That’s it for now. As always take care of yourselves and each other.

Jamal Splane


October Spirit Days

10/6: Pink and Purple Day (anti-bully & breast cancer awareness)

10/13: Tie Dye Day

10/20: College Day

10/27: Black/Orange Day

10/31: Wear your Halloween Costumes! See guidelines attached below.

Book Fair

Monday, Oct. 9th, 8am to Friday, Oct. 13th, 3pm

6610 San Ignacio Avenue

San Jose, CA

Koffee Klatch

Monday, Oct. 23rd, 6:30-7:30pm

6610 San Ignacio Avenue

San Jose, CA

1st Bernal Koffee Klatch meeting will be held on Monday, October 23rd from 6:30pm-7:30pm.

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Home & School Association Meeting

Thursday, Oct. 12th, 7-8:30pm

6610 San Ignacio Avenue

San Jose, CA

Please join us at the Home & School Association meeting from 7pm-8:30pm in the Bernal Library.

We look forward to seeing you there!

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Hispanic Parent Meeting

Thursday, Oct. 19th, 6-7pm

6610 San Ignacio Avenue

San Jose, CA

Dear Parents,

In the spirit of increasing the academic success of your child, the Bernal administration and staff would like to invite you the first of four Hispanic Parents Meetings on Thursday, October 19 from 6-7 PM in the Bernal Intermediate forum. All parents, students and children are welcome. Water, snacks and childcare will be provided.


Bernal Intermediate Staff

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October Sporting Events

Cross Country

10/5 Division Meet @ Christmas Hill 4pm

10/12 Sectional Meet @ Christmas Hill 4pm (qualifiers from Division Meet only)

Girls Basketball - A Team

(start times:7th 3:30/ 8th 4:45- unless noted)

10/19 Jamboree (7th at Britton; 8th at Bernal)

10/24 @ Valley Christian

10/26 @ Bernal

October Band Events

Friday, October 13th:

Santa Teresa Elementary Harvest Festival (Bernal Jazz Band performs @ 5:30pm)

Tuesday, October 24th:

Bernal Band Fall Concert - All Bands @ 6:30 pm

Bernal's HSA October Events

Bernal's Home & School Association Upcoming Events:

- October 6th from 2pm-11pm will be our fundraising event at Pure Tea

- October 9th: Kona Ice will be coming to the school from 2:30pm-4:30pm

- October 9th-13th will be the Book Fair in the Bernal Library

- October 12th is the HSA meeting 7:00pm-8:30pm in the Bernal Library

Bernal's Annual Cookie Dough & Mixed Bag Fundraiser!

Kick off assembly: October 13th

Bonus turn in day: October 20th

Final turn in day: October 27th

Prize day during lunch: November 16th

Limo Lunch to BJ's: November 17th

Check out the fundraiser items and send the link to your family and friends ahead of time so they can start planning what to purchase to help support Bernal!

Mr. Medina's Career Exploring Class Building & Launching Hot Air Balloons

Club Day at Bernal - 9/15/17

Understanding the New Science Standards 6-8

Learn how to support your student's success in a middle school science classroom. The article attached below will help answer the questions/topics below:

  • How will we prepare students for academic success?
  • What is our vision for science education?
  • How will students learn science in the classroom?
  • How can you support your child’s success?
  • What will classroom activities in a middle school science classroom look like?
  • About NGSS: Reshaping Science Education for All Students
  • Three Dimensions of Science Learning

Tips for Parents: Communicating with Your Teen

By: Tracy H. Fenton, M.Ed., NBCT., School Psychologist

Good parents spend a lot of time talking with their teens. They know that both the quantity and quality of their conversations count. Set an example by the courteous, caring, attentive way you communicate with your teen and others. Keep an open mind so your children feel free to readily express themselves to you.

Do Things Together. Share activities with your teen that promote conversation, such as playing games, taking walks, riding bikes, fishing, flying kites, or watching quality TV together. Simply being together!

Choose the Best Time to Talk. It is best to talk when everyone is well-rested and without pressing tasks to get done. Make time each day to talk to your teen.

Holding Family Meetings/Dinners helps to bring the family together. Starting early will establish the meeting as a tradition. Plan meetings/dinners to discuss and write down family rules and the consequences or disobeying them. Hold meetings/dinners to discuss good things, too. Meetings/Dinners can be held to celebrate a school or family success or to decide how to reinforce and increase progress.

Become an Active Listener. Good communicators practice the art of active listening. The behavior of active listeners tells those speaking that they are being paid attention to. When you actively listen to your teen, you help them feel valued. This makes them more willing to communicate with you. Active listening is an acquired skill. These techniques can help you master it:

  • Speak encouragingly: “Tell me more…” “Can you describe that…”
  • Ask for clarification: “Help me understand what you meant…”
  • Restate points: “Tell me if I heard you right…”
  • Share reflections: “It seems like you are feeling…”
  • Summarize: “If I understand you correctly, you said…”
  • Validate: “You have every right to feel…”
  • Show interest: “Wow, that must have been…”
  • Use body language: Make good eye contact. Lean toward them
  • Empathize: Try to understand their feelings and thoughts.

Use a Quiet, Courteous Voice. Choose words and concepts teens will understand.

Give your Teen a Chance to Explain. Avoid jumping to conclusions.

Eliminate Communication-Stoppers. Avoid guilt, commands, ultimatums, preaching, judging or words like “never” or “always.”

Avoid Nagging. Most teens tune it out. Be brief. Teenagers retain shorter messages longer.

Preventing Isolation. While it’s natural for teens to seek out some privacy, isolation within their own family is a problem that must be addressed. Use your active listening skills to draw out any of your children who seen isolated, and find out if something is wrong.

Parent Alert!
If your teen is not communicating, deliberate separation can be a sign of depression or other serious problems. Be gently persistent in coaxing your teen to talk. Sometimes you just have to patiently sit with silence, and wait. If your teen’s silence remains for more than a couple of days, consider contacting a counselor.

Gifted & Talented Education

OGSD Gifted & Talented Education (GATE) website.

First GATE Parent/Guardian Meeting:

Monday, October 16, 2017

6:30 - 8:00pm

Herman Intermediate School - Gym

5955 Blossom Ave.

San Jose, CA 95123

Read Away Your Fines - San Jose Public Libraries

The San José Public Library (SJPL) promotes lifelong literacy in varied ways, and one way is to encourage children and teens to read more. The Read Away Your Fines program allows children and teens to receive a $5 credit for every 15 minutes they spend reading in the library. Beginning May 1, 2017, children and teens can visit any of the 23 branch locations and Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Library to read a book or listen to stories during regular library programs.

Read more information about the Read Away Your Fines program.


It is our pleasure to announce that for the 17-18 school year we will begin using a new platform called Hero to track positive and redirected student behavior at Bernal Intermediate. The decision to bring Hero into our school was made with one goal in mind: to make Bernal a better and more positive environment to grow and to learn.

The Hero program is used by schools nationwide for recognizing stand-out student behavior. Hero will help us operate efficiently, and it will help us keep consistent policies running throughout the school. Hero will keep an accurate record of things like tardies, school event attendance, classroom participation, and positive student behavior. Hero also allows our staff to be more data driven.

To register, follow these easy steps:

1) Go to

2) Select the parent or student button

3) Click “Create An Account”

4) Enter name, your email address, choose a password, click “Create user”

5) Click “Add Student”

6) Enter student ID# and other identifiers, located on your student’s schedule of classes.

Download the Hero App

Once you register online, you may download the HERO app from the itunes or Google Play stores to keep track of HERO behavior history and Hero point balances.

For registration step-by-step instructions, go to:

Hero Parent + Student Engagement Tools:


The California Department of Social Services (CDSS) funds the qualified nonprofits provided in this list to provide immigration legal services free of charge in the following category: (1) Application Assistance - Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA).

Organizations that Support Santa Clara County:

Organization: Catholic Charities of Santa Clara County

Address: 2625 Zanker Rd, San Jose, CA 95134

Phone: (408) 325-5279


Organization: Catholic Charities of the Archdiocese of San Francisco

Address: 990 Eddy St, San Francisco, CA 94109

Phone: (650) 295-2160


For more information on all organizations in California, open the file below:

2017 - 2018 Grading Periods

Term 1: 8/15 - 9/22

Grade Reports mailed 9/29

Term 2: 9/25 - 11/3

Grade Reports mailed 11/13

Term 3: 11/6 - 1/12

Semester 1 Report Cards mailed 1/25

Term 4: 1/17 - 3/2

Grade Reports mailed 3/9

Term 5: 3/5 - 4/20

Grade Reports mailed 4/27

Term 6: 4/23 - 5/31

Semester 2 Report Cards mailed 6/13

Parking Lot Reminder

Just a reminder that there is NO student drop off/pick up or parent parking in the bus and staff parking lot. Students are to be dropped off on the streets adjacent to the school and use the crosswalks to come on to campus. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

Volunteers Needed for Noon Duty & After School Crosswalk Support!

We need the help of community members to ensure our students are safe during lunch and after school. Please see Mrs. Berg if you would like to learn more and to sign up!

Click here to volunteer!!!!

Grades: How to Calculate Your GPA


How to figure out your Grade Point Average (GPA)?

Point values:

A - 4, B - 3, C - 2, D - 1, F - 0



English: A = 4

Math: B = 3

Science: C = 2

Social Studies: B = 3

P.E: A = 4

Elective: D = 1

Total Points = 17

Total Points Earned, DIVIDED by, the Total Number of Classes (6) = GPA

17/ 6 = 2.83


Participation in the promotion ceremony is a privilege that is earned through demonstrating positive behavior and satisfactory academic progress through grades. District requirements for participation in the graduation ceremony and activities include:

1. Achieve a Grade Point Average (GPA) of at least 1.50 in one of the two semesters (January or June report card).

2. Receive no more than three (3) total semester “F” grades for the entire year of 8th grade year.

3. No more than two (2) F’s on the second semester report card for the 8th grade year.

4. All students BELOW 1.99 G.P.A. will be placed in an Academic Action Plan and will be required to attend Lunch Bunch until their G.P.A is above 2.0.