Rising 7th & 8th Course Selection

HBMS - February 2022

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Steps to select courses for 2022-2023

Families of Rising 7th and 8th graders,

Believe it or not, but it is time to explore the LTISD Middle School Course Catalog to plan for your child's courses for next year. Registration is not first come, first served. Students will select courses in class this month with counselors. In order to prepare for that, we ask that you look at options in the course catalog with your child, review our attached slideshow which covers a ton of information, have family discussions and reach out to counselors with specific questions. You and your child will complete the Google form at home using their Google login, then students will work with counselors to add courses in Skyward at school.

Steps to complete:

1- Review LTISD Middle School Course Catalog.

2- Review Slideshow explaining course selection process.

3- By Feb. 21, complete Google Form with course choices- Rising 7th Grade Courses form OR rising 8th Grade Course Form This is only accessible from student's Google account. The form serves as a required planning form to help students select their courses and prioritize the selected electives. Once it is submitted, each student and parent will receive a PDF of the requested courses. Students can use that PDF to help them with step 4.

4- By March 4, counselors visit classes to answer questions and walk students through signup in Skyward.

Fine Arts Information:

The forms below are only accessible from your student's Google account.

Entering Course Requests In Family/Student Access

Reach out with questions-

6th grade-

Counselor Surita Scholla

7th grade-

Counselor Sarah Figg