By Ella Crimmings and Emily Caraway

A game that defeats the odds!

Bafflegab is a game of chance and luck! The odds may or may not be in your favor.

How to play Bafflegab

1. Pay $1.00 to receive three tries at choosing the three beads in the cup.

2. Put on a blindfold and reach into the bowl and choose three beads.

3. If you get no red beads you must stick your head in whipped cream, 1 red bead you get $2.00, 2 red beads and you get $3.00, all red beads and you get $4.00.

Playing Bafflegab


The probability of choosing all white beads:

  • 30/33

The probability of choosing one red bead:

  • 1/33

The probability of choosing two red beads:

  • 1/1,056

The probability of choosing three red books:

  • 1/32,736

Written Report

What is Bafflegab?The word bafflegab is the name for anything baffling of confusing. Our game is a game of chance and luck, so we thought it fit. In the game Bafflegab, you draw beads, and you want to choose a red. bead. There are 30 white beads and 3 red beads. Our game is easy to play and very fun!

The experimental probability of choosing all three red beads, after we tested it, is 0 out of the 4 trials we tested. The experimental probability of getting one red bead is 1 out of the 4 trials we tested. The probability of choosing two red beads is 1 out of the 4 trials we tested. The probability of getting three red beads is 0 out of the 4 trials we tested. Our experimental probability is a lot different from our theoretical probability, but it still takes a lot of luck to win this game.

The theoretical probability of completely winning the game with the best prize possible are 1/32,736. This is an extremely low probability, so it is more likely to only get one red bead, where the probability would 1/33. The probability of losing, however, is 30/33, earning the school a lot more money.

If our game is played by 50 people, the school can expect to earn about $25.00. The ratio for the chances of the school making money using experimental probability is 2/4. We got this by comparing the four trials we completed and adding together the two outcomes that had zero red game pieces. Then, we used a proportion to determine how much money we would get if 50 people played the game versus 4.

Our game is the best choice for the carnival because it can be easily understood by people of all ages. The carnival will also earn a great amount of money because this game is designed to allow the carnival a greater chance at earning money. The game is also very fun and entertaining and sure to bring in lots of customers. It is simple to set up and doesn't require expensive equipment.

In conclusion, Bafflegab is the best choice for a carnival game because it is easy and fun for people of all ages. Also, Bafflegab is sure to bring in lots of money. We hope you choose Bafflegab as a carnival game for the school carnival.