Always Complete From A to Zinc

By Amanda Coy

The Importance of Reading Food Labels

To show my parents how important it is to read food labels I conducted an experiment on them. I took a regular family snack, sour cream and onion chips, and told them to take out how many chips on average they would eat for a snack, then put it into a bag.

My plan was to show them how they are taking the wrong amounts and they can get the correct amount of calories by reading the serving size label.

When I told them to take the chips out of the bag they had no idea what my intentions were so the amount they took out is an accurate reading.

The results were...

  • My father took 33 chips
  • My mother took 9 chips
  • Now keep in mind when you look at the results that the serving size for the bad of sour cream and onion chips was 17 chips


When I explained to my parents their results they were surprised. My dad had taken twice the amount of calories you are suppose to receive, and my mother took about half of the amount which doesn't allow her to get the nutrient %daily value.

I next informed them on how they can be more efficient when serving /eating food by knowing which foods are important to eat, which ones to stay away from, and the 5-20 rule. After learning about these tips they both agreed to look at the food labels from now on. This experience helped my parents understand how to eat healthier foods and how much they should eat per serving.

The Points I Shared With My Parents