Research Practice

By: Nathan Z.

Key Words

Key words are the words that best describe the search. Ex: Do Elephants cause earthquakes? The key words are Elephants, cause, and earthquakes. Key words are the most important words in the search. Key words are used to to narrow a search.

Credible Scorsese

Credible Scorsese are search tools that are trust worthy and have the right information. Ways to know if a scores is credible is by looking at the search bar, if it saws .com it probably isn't as good as a .gov or .org.

Quoting, Paraphrasing, and Summarizing

Quoting is when you take something out of someone else's article and pout it in yours using "". Paraphrasing is when you take someone else's phrase and make it your own words. Summarizing is when you take the impotent details out of someone else's work and use it.

MLA Citations

In text:

An in text citation is where you paraphrase or copy text from an article and then give credit to the author.

Out of text:

An out of text citation is where you use a cite and it gives you an idea and then you a give credit at the end of your article.


plagiarism is when you use a section of someone else's idea words or phrase without giving credit to the author. Plagiarism is a crime that can lead to getting sued, passably serve jail time and worst of all you will get a bad grade.


Citations are what you use to show credit to the author or scores. in text shows a specific spot siting your work is referring to the article. At the end you add a site page to show all the sites you used, these are also a form of citation.

Relevant Information

You find relevant information by skimming an article about your topic and marking or making a note about all the impotent information. In a search use key words to find relevant information about your topic. Relevant info. is what you use in your righting piece once you gathered enough.

Mid Contanent Code

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