Amelia Earhart

The Great Aviator Who Disappeared Without a Trace

Amelia Earhart's History

Many people have heard stories about how she flew solo aroung the Atlanic, or how she was the first woman to recive the Distinguished Flying Cross (Earhart, 2016). But what about her childhood? On July 24, 1897 Ameilia was born in Atchison, Kansas.(World Book, 2009) Her parents were Samuel Earhart, and Amelia Otis-Earhart.(Earhart 2016)


As a Child Amelia was described as a "tomboy" and went on many adventures.(Earhart, 2016)"As a child, Earhart spent long hours playing with Pidge"(her sister)", climbing trees, hunting rats with a rifle and "belly-slamming" her sled downhill"(Earhart 2016)


Amelia has donemany things, She was the first woman to fly solo around the atlantic (World Book, 2009), she was the first woman to recive the Distinguished Flying cross (World Book, 2009), and she wrote many bestselling books(Earhart, 2016).

Her Dissapearence: Main Theories

Many Other Theories include, the flight was staged, she survived and assumed a new identity, or that she became one of the many Tokyo Roses. However none of these have any real evidence behind them.

What I Belive

I belive the Nikumaroro theory. Althought the crash and sink theory is more reasonable, the Nikumaroro theory has more evidence. I belive that she was able to make her way to the island and then died of starvation.