Physician's Assistant


What is a Physician's Assistant?

A medical practitioner who treats injuries and conditions under the supervision of a Physician or a Surgeon.

Common trends and duties as a PA.

Most physician's assistants work nights, weekends, and even holidays. In this career you are likely to work around fifty hours a week. As a PA the main portion of your work would be in private practices or at hospitals making round and evaluating patients.

Generally a Physician's assistant conducts comprehensive and physical examinations, along with minor surgical procedures and prescribing medication. More specifically, PA's assist with calls, conduct hospital rounds, while also preforming admission history and physicals.

Qualifications and expectations of Physician assistants.

Many PA's are compassionate and are full of emotional stability, though no real health or physical requirements are needed.

You must at least have a bachelor's degree and some healthcare related experience in addition to two years of study to obtain their master's degree. Every state in the United states requires a physician's assistant to have a medical license to practice.

Starting out in this career you will only make around $57,000. But the average salary of a PA is normally around $87,000. Although the top Physician assistants have recorded to earn $120,000 a year.

Physician Assistant Programs

  • College of Health Sciences at the University of kentucky
  • Glendale Physician Assistant Studies at Midwestern university

Common injuries or conditions

One normal injury would be a bone fracture, or break. Physician assistants would first check for signs and symptoms of the fracture. For example, pain at the sight of the break and change in color in the skin around the fractured bone. After looking at an x-ray taken of the injury the PA will splint the fracture and recommend the patient to an orthopedist or specialist. Also prescribing pain medication to the patient to reduce the pain in the fracture.


Personal Reflection.

No, i would not want to choose this career. Even though they make a decent amount of money it's not enough in my opinion. They work too many long hours, as well as weekends and holidays. And physician assistant treat more then just one condition or injury. While i want to specialize in one particular field of study. But they have the benefit of working in different work places, instead of staying in one place your whole career.