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Felicity Elementary Newsletter 9-27-2021


Dear Cardinal Families,

Happy Monday! October is almost here and the end of the first quarter is quickly approaching on October 15th. Please be sure that students are caught up on make-up work so that they will get credit for the absent days that can be excused. Teacher email addresses are in the staff link below.

Just a reminder...students who wish to eat breakfast must arrive by 8:20 and enter door #8 (walkers or car riders). We have several students dropped off at the elementary entrance at 8:25 wanting breakfast and they are then tardy to class. Please scroll down and review the Arrival and Dismissal Procedures for more details. We appreciate your help with this.

This is a challenging time for our families as well as our school staff as we continue to navigate the protocols for Covid. We appreciate your continued support and cooperation so that in-person learning is possible for our students. We recognize that it can be a tricky balance between monitoring for symptoms and making sure that your child has good attendance. We are here to help if you are not sure if it is okay to send your child. Please give us a call.

When your child is absent, please be sure to contact the elementary office. Communication with teachers can be very helpful but in the case of absences, we need to be notified in the office as early as possible directly from the parent. If we do not hear from you before 10:00 am, our system will generate a phone call to you because the law requires that we notify you when your child is absent.

Just as a reminder, our policy on family vacations changed a few years ago. Here is the information from our handbook:

Family vacations during the school year are discouraged. A maximum of three days per year will be excused if all of these requirements are fulfilled.

A. Parents must notify the elementary office at least 3 school days in advance.

B. Parents must request and collect advance assignments and books from the student's teacher(s).

C. The student must complete all assignments and turn them in on the first day back to school.

D. The student must be prepared to make up any tests or other work upon return to school.

E. Family vacations will not be approved during state testing days.

Important dates:

October 8-11- Fall Break

October 15- End of First Quarter

October 21- Parent/ Teacher Conferences 4:30-7:30

October 21-22 3rd grade ELA State Testing

Have a great week!

Mrs. Keller

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Parents: Please be sure to keep Final Forms updated with any information that changes!

If your phone number changes or you need to add a person to pick up your child, please be sure to change it in final forms. If your child's dismissal procedure changes just for that day or temporarily, please be sure to send a note.
Final Forms

Click on the link to access Final Forms

Breakfast Menu for September

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Lunch Menu for September

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Elementary Arrival and Dismissal Procedures:

8:10-8:20 enter for breakfast (door # 8) Only staff & students are permitted to enter the building

8:25- students not eating breakfast can enter door # 9 and go to straight to class

8:40- Tardy bell rings


3:20 Car riders- pickup begins (must have a car tag- call the office for one)

3:30- Walkers- released at door #8 (or when car traffic line is no longer passed door # 8). (parents- please do not pick up walkers in cars- it creates safety issues and car pickup line issues. If you want to pick your walker up in a car, get a car tag and add them to the car pickup plan).

3:25- Bus riders- Begin loading

*Our car pickup procedure will be the same as it was at the end of last year with the time adjusted. We will not begin to load students until 3:20. When possible, please do not line up more than 5 minutes early to reduce traffic issues on Market Street.

Instructions for registering a K-4 student

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2021-22 School Calendar

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Felicity-Franklin Elementary

105 Market St
Felicity, OH 45120

phone 513-362-5421

fax 513-876-2051

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