Preschool Press

April 22-May 2, 2013


We're excited to announce we have cocoons in our classroom! The children eagerly check for butterflies each day. They enjoyed watching the caterpillars grow bigger and bigger. In a week we should have Painted Lady butterflies in our classroom.
During the next two weeks we will discuss Bugs and Feelings. We will use two books by Eric Carle to address these topics. Bugs are always exciting to find in the spring!

Weekly Skills

  • Identifying different feelings.
  • Identifying feelings in a variety of social situations.
  • Reviewing letters Hh-Nn
  • Reviewing numbers and number concepts with 3-4.
  • Answering questions and demonstrating comprehension of a story.
  • Identifying letters sounds ( Older four year-olds and five year olds)
  • Writing letters approximations and showing interest in writing. (Older fours year olds and five year olds).
  • Following through with a task until completed
  • Participating in songs and games
  • Engaging in appropriate play for the child's age.
  • Working cooperatively with others to complete tasks and interact together.
  • Labeling different bugs and where they like to live. We will discuss spiders, ladybugs, fireflies, ants, bees, grasshopper, and butterfly.

Home Activities

  • Use attached activities in the e-mail to expand upon skills we have worked on throughout the two weeks.
  • Go on a bug hunt. Encourage your child to give details about bugs they find. Is it big, small, what color is it, where has it been all winter, etc.
  • Explore feelings. If your child is excited about an upcoming activity talk to them about how you can see that they are excited. Let them know that when you see them jump up and down and smile you understand that they are excited. Visuals can be helpful when explaining feelings. Have your child draw pictures with you to help them explain how they feel.
  • Make a bug carrier using plastic containers. Children will love decorating a butter tub you wash out and then use as a bug container. Poke holes in the top of the container. Encourage your child to add items that could be helpful to the bugs like grass, a stick and a leaf. Have your child tell you about why those items are in their container.


  • All fieldtrip paperwork for our trip to see the Silly Safari presentation are due by May 9th.
  • Kindergarten Registration-If you child is five years old by September 1st they are eligible for kindergarten. Register your child for kindergarten at their home school. If you have any questions please contact me.
  • Party at the Playground-Come and celebrate a great year at Harrison Parkway Elementary by attending our end of the year PTO event on Friday, 5/10. A rain date for the event is Friday, 5/17. There will be games, prizes, food, and a silent auction. Silent Auction-

    As we have begun planning for the Party on the Playground event we have decided to incorporate a Silent Auction as part of the fun. In preparation for the Silent Auction we are looking for some help in two areas – Classroom Theme Baskets and any

    donations from personal businesses. We will be including a theme basket from “donations” provided by each grade. We hope to get as much participation as possible to make these baskets a huge success! Early Childhood is participating in the Candy Basket. If you would be willing to donate any bags of candy that would be greatly appreciated.

  • Registered voters eligible to participate in May 7 referendum

    On May 7th all registered voters in the HSE School District are eligible to vote in a Capital Referendum requested by Hamilton Southeastern Schools. HSE

    Schools is asking for authorization to fund expansions at Fishers High School (FHS) and Hamilton Southeastern High School (HSEHS) to accommodate an impending enrollment increase at both high schools. Attached you will find information

    about different methods for casting your ballot. For more details about the proposed high school additions, go to the district web site and click on High School Additions/Referendum Information under Hot Topics (