Multilingual Mustangs

RCE EL Newsletter-November

Our Purpose

To communicate up-to-date information and strategies on English Learner instruction with all stakeholders at Russell Cave Elementary.

Our Mission

Ensure a positive, all inclusive environment by providing our linguistically and culturally diverse students with research-based strategies, accommodations, and culturally responsive instruction to promote success in and out of the classroom.

EL Happenings and Celebrations

~All LAC will be completed and up-to-date by the end of this week!! Throughout the school year if you would like anything modified to a students' PSP-accommodation, service plan etc., please get in touch with your EL teammate to set up a LAC meeting.

~RFEP Monitoring Forms are due by November 18th. This is done once in the fall and once in the spring. An email from Ellevation will automatically be sent to you if you have any RFEP students. So be on the lookout! Please let us know if you have any questions about filling these out.

~EL Progress Monitoring forms will be going home soon! If parents have any questions please send them our way.


This month we will be completing our ACCESS Data Talks session during PLC's. We mentioned this a while back during our EL 101 training. Please come ready to dive into your grade level ACCESS scores from last year and share good things we see happening and ideas for improvements.

We can't wait to meet with you!

Talking Points

If you haven't already, you should definitely download this app! Talking Points is a free app for teachers available in the app store, which translates text messages into families’ home languages. Teachers can use a desktop computer or phone to send messages in 100+ languages. The message is automatically translated into the language chosen for each contact in the class, meaning you can simultaneously send one message out in multiple languages. When parents respond via the app, the message is translated back into English. You can register for an account HERE. Note, there are separate app downloads for parents and teachers.

EL Strategies Spotlight - Virtual Field Trip

Have fun connecting new learning to prior experiences and create excitement and curiosity about an upcoming topic. Download the instructions by clicking this link to get to Ellevation. This would be a great engagement activity as an opener to your lesson! You can pair it with a KWL organizer or the See.Think.Wonder. activity or to build some background on a topic.

Click the EL Salvador Tour below for an example of a VR trip to try out for yourself!

Passport Express: Let's travel to El Salvador!

Follow along as we explore the many different cultures represented within our school from around the world.

El Salvador Fast Facts:

*Official Name: Republic of El Salvador

*El Salvador translates as "The Savior'

*Government: Republic

*Capital: San Salvador

*Population: 6,187,271

*Official Language: Spanish, Nahua

*Money: US Dollar

Lets Explore:

What you didn't know about El Salvador
A Child's Day in El Salvador

Helpful Resources

Documents to review

Below are helpful documents for you to use. Included are a WIDA writing and speaking rubric. These are consistently our lowest scoring components on the ACCESS test. We hope that you will use these as you are scoring and offering feedback to students responses.

Remember that activities like flipgrid and adobe spark are great activities to allow our students to speak and be able to go back and listen to themselves. Just be sure you are taking the critical step of going back and giving that intentional feedback on how they can improve those speaking responses. We are here to help you with this!

WIDA Can-Do Descriptors

Now that we are set into the school year and you have gotten to know your students, we wanted to re-share these with you! Please watch the video below. This is a great resource for you to think about what your students are able to do (positive mind-set!) not what they can't do, based on their Language Proficiency levels.

We know this is a lot to dive into! Let us know how we can help!


Grade 1

Grade 2-3

Grade 4-5

Building upon student strengths

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