13th Amendment

Abolish Slavery


  • Dec 1, 1863 Abraham Lincoln created The Emanupation Proclamation
  • This freed only slaves in 11 confederate states.
  • 13th Amendment was ratified on Dec 6, 1965


  • Neither slavery nor involuntary servitude, except for punishment shall exist within the United States.
  • amendment involves every person not just the government
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  • 13th amendment was 1st time government talked of slavery
  • A form of slavery returned when people were forced to work off debt. Supreme Court found this
  • Many slaves escaped the South to fight for the North
  • Lincoln worried more about the war at 1st than slavery
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  • It was brought to the house April 8, 1864 but died in the house , because they said it was states rights
  • Brought back to the house on Jan 31, 1965 where it took til Dec 6 to pass
  • Passed by vote of 119-56
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Dred Scott vs Sanford

  • 1857
  • Scott Was a slave in missouri which was free territory
  • his owners argued that because he was not a citizen he was not free
  • the court ruled the missouri compromise was unconstitutional and helped it would end all issues on slavery