The Battle of the Labyrinth

Read by: Kolby Grant

Percy Jackson

Percy Jackson and his friends Grover, Anabeth, and Percy's half brother Tyson go on quest that is Anabeths first quest and she does not want anything to go wrong. The quest is about how the Labrynth has a door to the camp and they try to seal it before the evil lord Titan finds it, but they have to find Daedalus the father of the labrynth. When they get into the labrynth Grover wants to search for Pan a God thay Satyrs worship. So Grover and Tyson set off and go look for Pan. In the mean time Percy and Anabeth go into the labrynth but keep finding their way into trouble. Anabeth remembers that at the begnining of the quest she had to have a mortal eye but then Percy finds out what it meant. Now Percy and Anabeth need to get help from a mortal girl and she does not like it.

Would I Read Other Books Written by This Author?

Yes I would read another book by this author. Percy Jackson the Lightning thief was the first of his books that keep me reading more and more books by this author.The author has a way of making the readers keep turning the page. When this author starts a book like this I would keep going non stop. So yes I would absolutely read another one of his books.

Why did the author write this book? And did the author achieve his or her goal ?

To entertain the reader. And yes he did achieve his goal because I liked his book and it was very entertaining.