Secondary School News

Honeoye Central School District: November 2020

A Message From Mrs. Klaehn

Dear MS and HS Families,

It's hard to believe that we are already ten weeks into the 2020-21 academic school year. The marking period ended this past Friday (November 6th) and students begin a new quarter on Monday, November 9th. Before you dig into the details of this newsletter, please allow me to express my most sincere gratitude for the steps that you, our families, are taking to keep HCS safe. These continue to be trying times, but our students forge on, proving that being a small school community does not stop us from being a mighty one. As the holiday season approaches, I wish you happiness, health, and a little bit of down time.

Warmest Regards,

Addie Klaehn

Secondary Principal

School Pictures

Big picture

Make-up/Retake Days: November 23rd and 24th. 100% Remote learners are encouraged to have their pictures taken so we can represent them in our 2020-21 yearbook, and so we have updated photos of all of our students. Remote learners are welcome to come either day. If you have questions about times, please reach out to Mrs. Stigler in the Secondary Office ( or 229-5171 ext. 3016).

No School on Wednesday, Nov. 11

In observance of Veteran's Day, there is no school on Wednesday, November 11th. Please mark you calendars and THANK YOU to all who have served!

November 12th, Town Hall

There will be a virtual town hall meeting for secondary families on Thursday, November 12th. The meeting will take place from 4:30-5:30 pm. Please look for communication from Superintendent Ashton with a link to the Google Meet!

Remote Instruction & Technology Support

  • The best way to receive tech help from home is to utilize the "Tech Help" tab from the Instruction and Technology link on the HCS website. You can find a link to that page here.
  • Our 100% remote learners are expected to log in to all of their classes on their cohort days, with the exception of study hall. We are seeing several attendance discrepancies from period-to-period. If an in-person student does not attend a specific class period and is unaccounted for, meaning they skipped a class, the student is issued a referral and consequences are dealt in accordance with the HCS Student Handbook and Code of Conduct. 100% Remote students who choose not to attend a class will also be marked as skipping, and consequences will be adjusted to fit the remote model. If your student is 100% Remote and needs to leave for an appointment, therefore will be missing school, please communicate with the attendance office and send an email to Mrs. Tonkery so that we can document it as an excused, legal absence.
  • When teachers are absent, it is not likely that the substitute will have access to the Google Meet. Teachers will be pushing out instructions to 100% Remote students through their Google Classes when they are absent.
  • Materials for 100% Remote learners can be picked up (or dropped off, if necessary) between 8am and 3pm every Friday. Please come to the window at the district office entrance, give your child(ren)'s name(s) and grade level(s), and you will receive materials.
  • Hybrid Students who are absent on their cohort days but long in via Google Meet will only be marked "present" in their classes if they receive instructions to do so from the counselor, principal, or school nurse.

Lunch/Cafeteria Expectations

As we continue to progress throughout the year, we're always tweaking and revisiting our practices. Last month, we changed out several of the tables in the cafeteria with desks. This month, we will replace all cafeteria seats with desks. Next week in their science classes, all students will have access to a short video clip to review cafeteria reminders and expectations, as well as consequences for failing to abide by our COVID-19 safety guidelines. It is important for students to remember that these are not HCS-created guidelines, but expectations that we must follow in order to have them here in school. These guidelines/expectations include:

  • wearing masks until seated and any time students are out of their seats
  • not sharing food/drinks/other items
  • remaining socially distant (6 feet) at all times
  • not throwing food (this is an always expectation, not just a COVID expectation!)
  • cleaning up their own spaces (also not a COVID-specific expectation)

I know that lunch is often the only non-structured part of the day for students, and these guidelines make it far less enjoyable, but our students have done an amazing job following protocols, and we need to be vigilant.

Social Media

Every year, something that took place over social media, outside of school, creeps it's way into the academic setting. Sometimes it is brought to our attention because it demonstrates a violation of our extracurricular policy, and sometimes it carries over because a conflict impacts students' social situations within the school building. While it may seem that the school has no need to interfere with what happens outside of school, there are some instances when we are bound to investigate and determine what the impact is on students' feelings of safety and security, as well as potential violations of our student code of conduct. Many times, ongoing issues with social media result in DASA complaints, which the school must investigate. Anything posted on social media platforms is able to be shared, either through the platform or through screen-shots, and can be problematic even if it is taken down, because they can be shared in a matter of second. One trick to help young people navigate the world of social media is to "THINK Before You Post (or Share)":
  • T-is it TRUE?
  • H-is it HELPFUL?
  • I-is it IMPORTANT?
  • N-is it NECESSARY?
  • K-is it KIND?

If the answer to any of these questions isn't a resounding yes, I urge students not to post or share.

Yearbook Orders

Important Message From Mrs. Bricco and Mrs. Campbell

The Yearbook Club is back in business and ready to offer families (grades 6-12) an exciting opportunity to purchase a 2021 Honeoye Yearbook. This year, our goal has been to reduce the price of the book, to provide a unique point of view, and to increase the number of candid shots throughout the book. We want a yearbook that your student can look back on in 20 years to remember all of the great things that are able to happen during the 2020-2021 school year.

  • If you are interested in purchasing a yearbook at the lowest price of the year, please click here.
  • If you are a parent of a senior and are interested in purchasing a PDA (Parent Display of Affection), please visit here.
  • If you have any fun pictures of activities your student has been involved in this school year (sports, first day of school pictures, senior banquet, fund candids), please submit here.
  • Lastly, if you have any questions, please email the, and Carrie Bricco and/or Lorri Campbell will get back to you!

Extracurriculars are Starting!

We have started to bring back some of our extracurricular clubs to HCS. We continue to monitor the meetings and activities closely, and while most take place virtually, some are being held during lunches or after school. All extracurricular clubs and activities must comply with the same COVID-19 safety procedures that students follow in school. If you have any questions or concerns about extracurriculars, please direct them to the advisor first. I am thrilled that HCS is finally able to provide these valuable opportunities to our students!

Midyear Testing

In the past, HCS has typically followed a midterm exam schedule that parallels final exam week, meaning that students only come to school on days when they have scheduled exams. Given our hybrid cohort schedule this year, teachers have decided to continue holding regular classes instead of a midterm week, and will be creating a schedule to conduct midterm exams during regular class times.

This week, we learned that the New York State Education Department has cancelled January 2021 Regents Exams due to the ongoing concerns for implementation due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Student Support Team

HCS has a student support team that consists of administrators, counselors, and school psychologists. We meet on a weekly basis to review students who have been recommended to our team by staff. Students may be recommended to the SST due to social-emotional/mental health concerns, academic struggle, or absenteeism/lack of engagement.

The team reviews each recommendation and works to establish tiered interventions to support students. Families may hear from a member of the SST (Mrs. VanLare, Mr. Carrier, Mrs. Johnson, Dr. Paler, Mrs. Bush, Mrs. Klaehn, or Deputy Potter) to determine the best course of action for each student.

For students who are 100% Remote, implementing the same interventions pose a little more difficulty, as we do not see students physically in the building. If students are not engaging and our attempts to communicate with families fall short, we will initiate a home visit to check in on our students. If, after a home visit, we are still unable to connect with families and students, we are required to connect with Child Protective Services. This is not meant to be a punishment; it simply means that we need help from outside agencies in connecting and communicating with our families. Please reach out to the Secondary Office if you have any questions about the functionality of the SST.

Tiered Interventions

When it comes to student support and interventions, we provided "tiers", or levels of support, based on individual needs. Tier 1 interventions are delivered to all students, typically right there in the classroom. These may be mindfulness exercises or varied instructional models, depending on what students need. Tier 2 interventions are additional supports to meet the needs of a few students. For example, adding a guided study hall or AIS class, or providing a group of students with weekly social skills groups with a counselor. Tier 3 interventions tend to me more individualized, and might be a referral to our Committee on Special Education or the implementation of modified curriculum or additional contact time with teachers.

Now that we have a full marking-period full of data, we are beginning to look at the potential to add more Tier 3 interventions with our hybrid students, and will utilize attendance, academic, and social-emotional data to determine what we can do and how we can do it. We are still very new in this process, however I think it's important for families to know that we are working on it!

Go Guardian

Last month, I shared out a document that explained the district's use of Go Guardian to monitor students' internet activities. This is mostly used when students are with us in school, so that teachers can check in on student work. However, we have implemented Smart Alerts, which notify us of students' attempts to access inappropriate or sensitive information any time they are on their school device. If you have not read that document, please see this link.

Education Law 2d, Part 121

There has been a lot of communication about this subject in recent weeks. This is a new law that has recently gone into effect, and provides specific details when it comes to Personally Identifiable Information (PII). Many families have recently noticed that some teachers are referring to students with an initial instead of using names. This is a direct result of our efforts to comply with this law!

I am happy to report that communicating through Parent Square is safe and compliant, and does not violate Ed Law 2d, Part 121. Each of our high school students has been sent an invite for Student Square, which will allow them to communicate with teachers as well. This will be a slow transition, but we consistently working to mitigate the risks in this digital world. If you have any questions, please reach out to our Director of Technology, Nicki Klingensmith.

Additional Half-Days

Per recent communication from the District Office, families are aware that HCS has added a number of half days into the school calendar. We are still working on the impact of our TCC students, however our Secondary Leadership Team has developed the following class schedule for those half days. Dismissal for students in grades 6-12 will be at 10:00 for each of the half days.

  • December 11: Periods 1-4, Cohort 2
  • January 15: Periods 1-4, Cohort 1
  • February 12: Periods 5-8, Cohort 1
  • March 12: Periods 5-8, Cohort 2
  • April 16: Periods 1-4, Cohort 2

Counselor Corner

As a reminder, our counselors can be reached via phone (229-5171, ext. 3016) or email:

Mr. Carrier ( for middle school and Mrs. VanLare ( for high school. In addition, please find our counseling department on Twitter @hcs_counseling and Instagram @hcs_counseling

Helpful Resources

ParentSquare Signup : Please utilize this if you are not already doing so; it's an excellent platform for communication and completing those daily health checks!

Google Form for Daily Meals

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