Digital literacy

What to expect...


Digital Literacy is a great introduction to 21st century learning styles. This class teaches you how to keep thing private on the internet, how to site images, websites, etc. You learn how to make presentations organized and how to manage your time.


When I say projects you probably think about long assignments that you don't really enjoy doing. Projects in digital literacy are the complete opposite. For most of these projects you can work with partners and even groups. The projects are fun and don't take too much time to complete it.

Some of our projects

Guaranteed you'll be hard working but also having fun!

Genius Hour

Now, you may be wondering, What is Genius Hour? Genius hour is a 90 point project that you get to pick your own topic for. For example, You may be interested in hair styling so what a good topic for you might be how to do up-dos or how to braid. You basically pick any topic to your liking. You experiment with this project and figure out what works and what does not. You are not graded on if your project works of fails your only graded on your journey.