The Moon Phases And Tides

by:rachel carolyn ireland and cayce

moon phases

The moon takes at least 29 days or a month for it to finish the cycle.The moon could be waxing or waning.The moon has two main points full moon and new moon.The phases are new moon,cresent moon,half moon,thrid quarter moon,and full moon.


If you wached at a beachfor 12 hours you would notice that the waves dont always reach the same place. this is caused by tides. Tides are are caused by the gravitational pull of the moon.We have 4 tides a day 2 low 2 high.

Neap tides and spring tides

Neap tides are very low tides.Spring tides are really high tides.They happen when full moon and new moon.

without the moon

Without the moon tides wouldn't happen.We would not have phases of the moon ether.Life would not be interisting.

how do the tides and phases of the moon relate

Only the full moon and new moon make tides different. Because the new moons changes the tides when the sun and moon line at a right angle and there pull cancles out. The exact oppesite happens on full moon. The full moon causes spiring tides. The pull is double. All the other tides are normal because the moon isn't full or new.

Why are there predictable patterns change among the moon and tides

The moon changes and so does the tides because the moon causes tides so, when the moon passes so does the tides.