Get to Know!

The Gifted and Talented Students in Your School

Gladys Garcia


February 15, 2016

Regina Maldonado

What Defines a Gifted or Talented Learner

Your school district governing board will define what a high performance ability is, but it can relate to the following capabilities:

  • Intellectual
  • Creative
  • Specific academic
  • Leadership
  • High Achievement
  • Performing and visual arts talents
  • Or any other criterion seen fit by the district

What Some of These Behaviors Look Like

Social and Emotional Characteristics

· Works well independently

· High energy level

· Self-confident

· Exhibits qualities of leadership

· Relates well to older classmates, teachers and adults

Academic/Learning Characteristics

· Ability to reason and think abstractly

· Acquires information easily

· Enjoys learning

· Highly Inquisitive

· Demonstrates interest in a variety of areas/activities

· Generalizes knowledge to novel settings

· Intellectually curious

Services for Gifted and Talented Students

  • Special Day Classes
  • Part Time Groupings
  • Cluster Groupings
  • And many other opportunities


  • Curriculum Differentiation
  • Higher-level thinking and problem solving opportunities
  • Tiered Assignments
  • Independence
  • Artistic and academic freedom