Sherri's Pink Team

We are Plexus Ambassadors!

Keeping Connected

Merry Christmas, Team! During this busy season, sometimes it is hard to keep connected. Here are some easy ways for you to learn and grow in our amazing Plexus business.

  • Newsletter: Periodically, I will email you a newsletter with some quick information and tips.
  • Facebook Team Page: You are all members of "Sherri's Pink Team." Please go that page, click on "Notifications" on the top right, and chose "All Posts" from the drop down menu. That way all the information I post will show up in your news-feed. Do the same thing with other team pages you enjoy such as Rhonda's Pink Faith, Team Freedom, and The Well.
  • One Note: Please use our shared "One Note" notebook. If you need me to send you the link again, just let me know. Click on the link in your email and bookmark it. Then you will have easy access from your computer, iPad, or smart phone. There is a TON of information in there for you. For example, if you have a friend with a certain medical challenge, look under "Testimonies." If you want to know more about a product, look under "Products." If you have a new customer, look under "Customers-General Information" to find directions for their new products. If you want to learn more about the business, look under "Ambassador Support."
  • Team Meetings: After Christmas I will start scheduling team meetings again using the online video program called Zoom. We will keep these meetings to 1/2 hour in respect of your time.
  • Contact Me: Let me know how I can help you. We can text, talk on the phone, get on a Zoom call, etc. If you are local, we could definitely get together during our time off around the holidays! Let me assist you!

The 12 Reasons to Join Plexus: Easy Posts to Use

New Year Opportunities

Last year after Christmas is when my business started taking off. With New Year's Resolutions, many people want to get healthy and fit. Start sharing NOW-- personal information about what Plexus products have done for you, testimonies of other's, product information, and business opportunities. Don't worry if you don't see many people "liking" your posts. Most of my customers never liked a single one of my posts. If fact, I read all of Rhonda's posts for months and never liked or commented on them. Have faith! You are influencing others to consider trying the products so they can get healthy from the inside out!