Manufacture Of GPS Dog Trackers

Neirbro is a Student enterprise team from St. Declans College, Kilmacthomas.

We designed a Dog Tracking device that uses a Global
Positioning System (G.P.S.) to show you your dogs exact
location via your phone. This can be used to prevent dog theft or let you know where your dog is - From Anywhere -
If you are just generally concerned! It could also be used if you have hunting dogs and want to track there
whereabouts. The features of our product include:

Exact Location by the use of Google maps - Once you have texted the device and it is powered on, you will receive an SMS to your phone with Co-ordinates of your dogs location as well as a URL link which will show your dogs location Via Google Maps once clicked.

Power & Speed Alert - Once the battery reaches a certain speed it will alert you, which is useful in the prevention of dognapping as cars travelling at a high speeds will trigger the alert, as well as a power alert which will alert you when the power is running low on the device. Both alerts are via SMS.

Geo-fence - Allows you to set a perimeter of land you want the tracker to stay inside. If the tracker leaves the area set, you will be alerted via SMS.

Some other features Include Voice-surveillance, A slot for your dog collar, a waterproof case, and a docking station with two batteries so you have a spare one ready to use once the other runs out!