)**{China ,Hong Kong}**(

best place in the world

crazy weather

this places weather is very strange. its sunny and windy in the morning. its sunny in the afternoon. rainy at night. fogy in the early morning.

dizzying parks

hong kong has very fun parks.there are many theme parks and in those theme parks many challenges are held. another tourist attraction is there monuments of great fighters like ip man and bruce lee.there are also many plays and acrobatics that many tourist come to see.

rocken manners

One factoid about hong kong is how well manner they are. Its a food rule to eat as a family all the time. They eat with small plates and use chop sticks. They use small plates and hold them near there mouth. If your etiquette is wonderful then you well get along just nicely with the chinese

many letters

a lot of different languages are spoken in china.chinese language belongs to the hant beton. the language is 6000 years old. the language has 50000 charters.

weird rocken culture

there culture has many mythical stories and animals. early in the morning people get up and practice martial arts outside. if you walk around the city you can see stone column that tell of great stories. did you know great britain took control of hong kong in 1898 and given back in 1997.