2nd Grade Scoop


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Thank you for all of the wonderful gifts that you have showered us with, this week. We feel loved and appreciated!


Roanoke Elementary will be closed to visitors on May 9 - 11 due to STAAR testing.

Muffins for Moms!

Moms, join us for some yummy muffins on Friday, May 13th. We would like to show our appreciation for all you do!

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This week in math, students were able to identify one-half, one-fourth, and one eighth. They also wrote fractions in words. In the last two lessons, students calculated the area of rectangles. Please help your child study for the summative assessment that will take place on Monday, May 9.

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This week in Science, we have been identifying the parts of a caterpillar. We have discussed their habitats and the foods they eat. We have got to take a closer look and observe the caterpillars with hand lens. We are now waiting on the caterpillars to go to stage 2, the chrysalis stage!

Reader's Workshop

This week we continued our study of different genres. We discussed the characteristics of each genre and put our knowledge to the test by trying to figure out the genre of our class read alouds! We also did a read around the room activity that asked questions about each genre.

Writer's Workshop

This week we worked on writing a good narrative story as well as taking notes for research. For our narrative we focused on the elements of a good narrative: it's a small moment, it has a beginning, middle, and end, it's entertaining, it's real and believable.

Social Studies

Social studies this week was exciting because we began our research for our State Projects! We learned how to cite our sources by using the acronym, TATL. We talked about the importance of tattling (TATL) on our sources. We then began to research various information about our states.