Figurative Language

By:Karlee Hallum


Definition: A figure of speech that uses like or as to compare two seemingly unlike things.

Eample:"' I could walk around like one of those cigarette girls, saying, 'Short stories?' 'Novels?''"


Definition: A figure of speech that compares or Equates two seemingly unlike things.

Example: "Katniss the girl on fire!"

Hunger Games


Definition: A figure of speech in which an animal, an object, a force of nature, or an idea is given human form or characteristics.

Example: "But something about the idea grabbed me: writing in public on demand; not performance art, but performance writing."

"The Human Story Machine"


Definition: A figure of Speech that uses exaggeration to express strong emotion, make a point, or evoke humor.

Example: "But 17 years and a thousand novels later, I'm still waiting."

"The Human Story Machine."


Definition: The repetition of constant sounds at the beginnings of non-rhyming words.

Example: When I was 25 years old and working in Chicago as an editor at the American Bar Association, I wanted nothing more than to become a novelist.

"The Human Story Machine"

3000 Miles By Emblem 3

This song has a Hyperbole it's, "I'm dreaming of a place that's 3000 miles away feel's like it's forever seems like yesterday."